How to transform your bad outsourcing experience into good

How to transform your bad outsourcing experience into good

Outsourcing is a great step to grow your business with a limited budget. It is because it offers multiple advantages like saving cost, access to experienced and skilled people, and freeing up a lot of time. 

There are ups and downs in businesses and it is quite challenging to find the best outsourcing services providers in the initial stage. But, it is worth it when you finally explore the best offshore companies. 

Sometimes your outsourcing experience turns out bad and your first reaction after checking your product is  “this was not what I was looking for”. Well, don’t panic. Maybe you have collaborated with the unreliable company and that’s why you are not satisfied with the final product. 

There are some tips to follow in order to transform your bad outsourcing experience into good. 

You are unsure about outsourcing tasks:

Problem: There is a possibility that you don’t do pre planning or you don’t have an idea about what task is better to outsource and that’s why you do it randomly. 

Solution: Outsourcing requires proper planning, goal, and execution like any other business. Think about what you have to outsource. Make a list of tasks first and then look at it carefully. Remove the task that your team can manage at your workplace. Delegate tasks to them according to their skills. 

Your project is not a priority of your offshore team:

Problem: It is a serious concern when your offshore team deals you with an unprofessional attitude. There is a huge possibility that they are working on different projects and your work is not their priority. 

Solution: You can only fix that issue by outsourcing the right development company. They will not only help you to offer their professional services but they will also offer you top-notch business solutions to overcome your business challenges. Also, the task completed by the skilled and professional developers is more creative. 

You followed the common strategy:

Problem: You must have followed the common approach to hire a development company and ask them to start working immediately. 

Solution: There are many outsourcing companies and all of them claim to offer the best services. So, it is crucial to define the complete project requirements. If you are outsourcing the software development company, you have to provide the complete project information, so they can offer you a flexible business model and a realistic proposal. 

You lose the project control:

Problem: You may have lost the project control and you have no idea about what tasks are taking place?

Solution: You can fix this problem but before moving ahead, make sure that you have answers to the following questions: Does your remote software development team have complete control over business aspects? Or are they utilizing the proper communication tools? 

The remote development team is always good at managing tasks and it requires a lot of time and resources to complete the whole process. It is necessary for the company to follow the agile methodology to offer best results. It doesn’t only helps the in-house team but it will also help the offshore team stay on the same page. 

Selecting the wrong outsourcing company:

Problem: The idea of offshore outsourcing may lead to fear when it comes to the implementation of tasks. Choosing the right remote development company is the bedrock on which outsourcing depends. Your frustration goes to another level if there is any flaw in the selection process. 

Solution: You should select the software company very carefully and accordion to your business solutions. You should be ascertained by tenure and type of contract before signing the contract. The skilled developers will help your existing team to learn new things and apply them to your business models. 

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