Top Technologies Used to Develop Mobile App in 2021

Top Technologies Used to Develop Mobile App in 2021

Mobile applications have become a crucial part of our daily lives as many people prefer to use their mobile devices instead of desktop/laptops. Everything from scrolling social media accounts to watching your favorite Netflix shows, we have a mobile app for everything. 

Since there are thousands of apps already on the Apple and Google store so it’s not easy to grab the attention of the users. You need to bring something different to make people install your app. Along with the best app idea, you need to hire the best mobile app developers to turn your ideas into an application. 

In addition to developers, you also need to choose the right technology to develop your apps. There are multiple platforms in the market that can be used to design the apps. You need to check what tool will be suitable for your app according to your niche and idea. To help you with that, we are providing a list of the best mobile application technologies that can be used to develop our app in 2021. 

Top Development Technologies to develop Mobile Applications

Here is a list of top app development technologies to develop mobile applications:

1- Python

Python is one of the latest and most popular programming languages that is used for designing different kinds of mobile applications. It is an open-source, dynamic, and high-level language. Along with that, it is an object-oriented language that is quite easy to understand. A programmer with just basic skills can learn the language and develop a mobile application. Python is a portable language that includes built-in debuggers to facilitate the bugs free development. This amazing language also offers graphical user interface support, multiple frameworks, libraries, and other amazing features to make sure that development processes are running smoothly. 

2- React native

React native is developed by Facebook and it is an open-source framework that is used to develop cross platform applications. By using react native, you develop apps for the web, android, iOS, and UWP. It is the best and most recommended software and that applications designed in react native can work on multiple platforms and devices. Many skilled developers love to use ReactJS and JavaScript to create successful applications. Facebook, UberEats, and Airbnb are examples of react-native. 

3- Swift

If we talk about swift, it is a general-purpose programming language that is developed by Apple macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and few other platforms. Swift works with cocoa and cocoa touch frameworks along with C and objective C codes to develop apps for iOS. This amazing technology uses safe programming patterns to make the development process easier. Along with that, swift offers some unique features to make the smooth iOS app. Lyft, LinkedIn, and Hipmunk are a few of the examples of applications developed in this language. 

4- Java

Java is one of the most popular and object-oriented languages. It is also an easy to handle and highly secure language for building android applications. It offers a set of open-source libraries, excellent documentation, etc. It’s amazing and a platform that allows developers to build different types of android applications without much effort. Some of the common examples of java based applications are VLC player, sea weather, Telegram, etc. 

5- Flutter

Flutter is an open-source mobile application platform that helps developers to create cross-platform apps quite easily. By using Flutter, you can create an app that runs on both android and iOS devices easily. People nowadays prefer apps that are developed in flutter so that they don’t have to hire individual developers for iOS and android app development. It is the best platform as the other native applications are suitable for a single platform. It uses a dart programming language to create different interfaces. Moreover, developers don’t have to write code from scratch using Flutter. Google Ads, Refelctly, and Xianyu is an example of apps developed in a flutter. 

6- R-Programming

It is also one of the best languages for machine learning and data analysis. It is a platform-independent language that provides excellent libraries and frameworks that can help to develop powerful machine learning algorithms. R-programming is also favorable for general statistical computing. Moreover, it is quite easy to learn and understand. 

7- Kotlin

Kotlin is used for developing highly advanced mobile applications. You can consider it for developing cross-platform apps as it is the modern version of Java. It also interoperates completely with Java and initially designed only for JVM. If you are looking for something unique, safe and clear then Kotlin will be the best platform for you. The famous platforms that are built-in Kotlin are Trello, Evernote, and Coursera. 

What is a native app development and hybrid app development?

Native app development

In native app development, the apps are developed using platform-specific programming languages. Developing native apps for multiple platforms required you to employ separate mobile app development technologies for each. Apps like Lyft and Pokemon Go use the native approach. 

Hybrid app development

Hybrid development uses standard web technologies and tools like CSS, HTML5, and Javascript for app development. After that, the code is wrapped in a native container and it can be done using various tools and then shipped as a regular app. To check the app that was developed using hybrid app development you can check untapped and McDonald Turkey.

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We really hope that you’ll be familiar with the top technologies used to develop mobile apps. You can prefer to use any of these platforms for app development according to your needs.