Top 8 Tools to Manage Remote Employees

Top 8 Tools to Manage Remote Employees

Remote working was considered as a customer service position before but for now, hiring remote employees has become such a trend. Many well-reputed companies like to outsource people to get their work done. Not only that, but people are also working from home and companies use different sets of tools to manage remote employees. 

Remote teams consist of several people who work from different locations around the world. The trend of remote working has increased up to 91% since the COVID pandemic. Still, it is forcing companies to work remotely and the businesses need multiple tools to control and manage their workflow. 

Hiring the right people for your firm is not just about the Wi-Fi connection. You need to choose the persons with the right leadership qualities, the right team management skills, and communications between them. All these qualities are important and link with one another. 

For example, if you hire remote developers who are good at work, but has poor communication skills, there will be a lot of problems for you in the future. Your teams won’t be able to communicate with each other. 

Along with choosing the right talent, you may also need to implement new technologies, resources, and tools to replace the office touch points with technology. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about managing remote employees and the tools you need for it. 

How to manage remote teams?

Managing remote teams is quite a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools for it. The challenges include work visibility and trans-time communication, etc. The good news is that companies are getting ready to create distributed workforces. 

Now the question is how to manage remote teams and how to monitor their performance? Well, there are multiple tools to monitor and analyze team performance. 

Tools to manage remote employees

Well, there are hundreds of tools to monitor employees’ performance. Software experts are still working to bring more and more with the increasing trends of remote working. Let’s have a glance at some of the best and most reliable tools:

1- Slack

While you are working online, you need to collaborate with the team, and what’s better than slack for this purpose. It is one of the best tools to make all the work conversions and collaborations between all the team members. The employees can use it online or download the app to keep all the conversations organized in 1 platform. The team leader can be able to assign projects to the different team members. The best thing about Slack is that it is friendly with the other apps like Zoom, Trello, etc. Moreover, you can use its free version in the initial stage and upgrade to premium after testing. 

2- Zoom

Zoom is quite popular for meetings and conferences online. It is one of the most used tools for years. Rich face to face video calls are the staple of remote team management and it helps to bridge the gap between the teams. Since COVID lockdown it is impossible to stay out for long for meetings, but with Zoom, you can have regular visual conversations with your team members. It can also be helpful for one-on-ones team chats especially those that require breakout rooms. You can also use other alternatives like Skype. 

3- OfficeAmp

To avoid back and forth between different teams, set up a helpdesk using OfficeAmp. This app allows you to answer all the FAQs about the office and employees will be able to search answers right within Microsoft teams and slack. It is one of the best management tools to let any employee raise a ticket and HR can then assign the ticket to the relevant person. 

4- Timely

Timely is the best tool to control almost every type of remote business. It helps to keep all the team activity, work visibility, and capacity. It is also essential as far as the payroll is concerned. You can’t document overtime or bill clients accurately without it. It is one of the few tracking tools that can help to automate the whole job process. Along with that, it uses AI to draft the timesheets. It allows managers to review the employee workloads, capacity activity, and project budget spend. 

5- Asana

Asana is one of the most straightforward tools and it is cloud-based. If you want your teams to collaborate, you can easily use this tool for this purpose. Asana helps you to assign the task to the relevant Assignee and set the due date. You can monitor tasks easily and check the performance of your employees in one place. You can use the trial free of cost or upgrade it to enjoy the premium series and robust experience. 

6- Trello

Trello is one of the best tools to keep the flow of information of all team members. It allows you to manage your projects in a visual dashboard and organize tasks into card based on the work status. It also allows you to assign tasks to the different team members and due dates. By using Trello, you have the option to integrate other tools to access your document in the dashboard. The best thing is that it also offers your team a perspective on all projects from HR to the IT marketing team. You can easily use the free version of Trello if you are a small business or you can use the paid version. 

7- Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is one of the most collaborative workspace tools within office 365 that works as a central hub for workplace collaboration, video chats, and document sharing. It is designed to aid worker productivity in a unified suite of tools. Also, it is quite easy to use as the UI is completely simple and clean. It has used extensively for different kinds of meetups, daily online sessions, and screen sharing. It is also available in mobile apps for easy access anywhere. You can rely on this tool to manage all your workflows. 

8- Google Drive

It is one of the best cloud storage platforms to keep all the essential documents secured in one place. This is the most recommended tool to store and share documents, slides, and spreadsheets. Moreover, you can use it for reporting on weekly metrics as it can be synced across the devices. Individuals can easily view, edit, or update documents using Google drive. 

Final thoughts

Here we wrap up our list of top 8 tools to manage remote meetings and meetings online. You can use these tools to assign tasks to the people, set due time or date, and have a visual meeting for better communication. Also, use cloud storage for the storage of all the essential documents so that you can access them whenever needed. 

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