iOS App Development Services | Software Alliance

iOS App Development Services | Software Alliance

Software Alliance provides full-service iOS app development services that cover the entire development cycle from overall concept to distributions. We deliver end to end customer products that encompass the complete range of iOS devices, including iPads, watches, and phones. We are taking a user-focused approach to help clients build better mobile relationships with customers.

What kind of apps we develop?

We develop different kinds of iOS apps. That includes business apps, gaming apps, and much more.

Business to Customer:

We develop all types of high-quality customer apps that will help your brand exposure and generate more revenue.

Business to Business and Business to Employees:

We develop apps that can be used for internal use by companies or employees who work in the field.

Why software Alliance:

We have a highly trained team of iOS developers and they keep up with the latest guidelines and requirements. They know the essential for professional iOS app development as well as the major challenges that include Cross-device compatibility, Memory limitations, performance, battery consumption, and network speed.

Software alliance ensures its customers to solve the challenges properly and deliver the faultless mobile solutions that can smoothly operate on iOS platforms like iPhones, iPads regardless of device specifications or iOS version installed.

UI and UX designs:

Mobile app visual designs are important. The software alliance is working on the same page with Apple as far as the UI/UX is concerned so it is quite easy to meet the customer’s expectations. By using UI Kit, our mobile app designers create every app interface that meets Apple’s UI standards.

Transparent interaction patterns in our iOS applications guarantee a seamless user experience. Software alliance designers tune-up authentication, feedback, navigation as well as other UX functionalities.  That helps to put users in complete control of an app and interacting with the app feels more natural.

Back-end management of app

Most apps exist with the backend especially the apps that have to deal with analyzing, sharing, and storing large amounts of data. Our expert in servers and database technologies work closely with our mobile apps development teams to develop a robust backend that takes up all the complex work off the app, leaving it quite agile and lightweight.

Technologies and other features

Our developers take advantage of swift and objective C to introduce all the latest iOS features to our apps. iCloud Drive, core Bluetooth, Apple pay, NFC, Siri, iMovie, social media APIs, etc. because the list is continuously expanding as iPhones and iPads welcome new possibilities. We try our best to catch up with technology innovations immediately.

Information security

It is important for us to keep your health care apps. Using only official iOS API’s and kits, we guarantee top-level security for your application data and any associated transactions. Feel free to get in touch with us: we will gladly discuss your iOS app ideas or already existing project. We will render our professional assistance.

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Enterprise integration

Our software company enables the integration of iOS apps with any in-house system your company is using. It may be ERP, CRM, HRM, or SCM. We provide the latest mobile device management technologies to use and ensure the enterprise security, widely available connectivity, and efficient distribution of apps.

iOS App development platforms

iOS is Apple’s operating system that runs on the iPads, iPhones and iPod touch hardware. It can be programmed in many native languages like swift, objective-C or build cross platform using react native or Xamarin (C# & F#).

Software alliance provides the full iOS app development services while handling the entire development cycle from delivery and support. We bring a wealth of experience in app development of your project that can help enterprises for their business and customers. Get in touch with us to see how our iOS app development services can help your business build stronger and everlasting relationships with customers.  

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