How Software Alliance Work in Covid-19 Situation

How Software Alliance Work in Covid-19 Situation

The COVID pandemic has left a drastic effect on all the businesses whether they are start-ups or big companies. It has affected the social contacts, economies and the way companies were unprepared for this health crisis. The effect of this coronavirus outbreak is quite hard to calculate but it continues to grow around the globe. 

Many businesses were closed back in the initial months of 2020 but the IT industry was the only one that saved the world somehow. Software companies in pandemic work better than other industries. Many IT companies and software houses were closed permanently. Even the best software companies around the world downsize their employees to reduce business costs. 

Many people around the world lost their jobs in the COVID-19 pandemic and the rest of the employees were forced to work from home.  While on the other hand, the technological resources, automation, and other input required are not ready for workers to implement right away. 

Like any other software company, the initial months of 2020 were quite hard for the Software Alliance. But, the situation went normal in just a few weeks as the business development management team was quite successful to gain projects. After that everything was pretty settled and developers started working from home from mid-March to the end of July. 

Here we will discuss in detail how Software Alliance works in the Covid-19 pandemic and how we face different challenges. 

Implement the right business model

Safety and well-being of employees is the most important thing to consider and that’s what software Alliance focuses on. The management makes sure that the team is doing well and if employees are safe. The managers created the right environment and business model so that the developers can communicate with each other easily without any hurdles. The collaboration of the developer’s team is very crucial to design the best websites, apps, games, etc. 

Our teams were prepared with the right technology

The COVID doesn’t only affect people’s jobs but also impacts their productivity. Technology in COVID-19 plays an important role to support millions of people around the world. Still, many companies are struggling to keep up in the industry in this hard time. Software Alliance is one of the best offshore companies in Lahore that has great experience in remote work. Along with that, our developers are experienced and skilled with the right technology to tackle any tough conditions. Along with the best and latest technologies, we also implemented the right strategies for delivering successful projects to our clients. In addition to that, we use tools to make our team enable us to work remotely and collaborate with each other virtually.

Trained teams to work remotely

As mentioned above, we are an offshore software development company as we have overseas clients from different countries. Our developers were skilled and technical enough to work remotely from their homes.  We also trained our teams on how to work professionally on a remote basis. Also, we offered them all the required resources like laptops, tablets, and the Internet so that they can work without any hurdle. 

Trained teams to deliver the best results

Being an outsourcing company we work with our clients at the most feasible working hours. We also declared some effective rules so that the workflow would not disturb. Our development engagement model is very friendly to start the project right away after the discussions with clients are completed. Our expert team of developers also shares ideas and viewpoints with the existing staff to work more efficiently. Our team of software engineers and QA delivers the best and quality results and end-product to our clients. 

Deal with changed customer behavior

The COVID pandemic impacted the businesses and forced them to move at unprecedented speed to serve customers with quality. This outbreak also resulted in changed client behavior and requirements. The software Alliance business management teams are trying to think and evaluate how to deliver the relevant customer experience. It is important to read and analyze customer behavior and attitude as the pandemic has changed the overall experiences. 

Building resources to tackle new opportunities

The Software Alliance team is trying to act quickly to optimize the company’s resilience. We are also looking for the best scenarios to act quickly to tackle new opportunities. It is helping us to tackle short-term liquidity challenges but also to generate profitability. We have taken actions in the initial stages to have an immediate impact on the survival of our company.

About Software Alliance

Software Alliance is a software development company with the experience of more than 10 years in the IT industry. We have a team of experienced and skilled developers that are highly professionals in their domains. Our global experience speaks about our authenticity and value in the IT industry. It can be your next off-shore company to hire python, HTML, PHP, Flutter, blockchain, and apps developers. We ensure agility, operational excellence, and on-time delivery of your projects.