How to screen and hire .NET Developers?

How to screen and hire .NET Developers?

Are you looking for .Net Developers to get your projects done or you wanted them to outsource them in your company? After running a successful campaign, you will start receiving resumes. Next, you have to decide what you have to decide who is good enough for you and your company. Well, it requires a technical screening process to hire the best .net developer. 

How to screen .NET Developers?

Screening involves much more than glazing through a resume. It involves many things and as an IT recruiter, you can find information on their resumes. But still to unlock other valuable information and check their information check the terms they used. You should be a little bit familiar with its frameworks, build tools, and other resources to know what you are exactly looking for. 

Skills to look for in .NET developers:

If it’s your first time to find .NET developers for your company, you should be familiar with the skills of them. The essential skills that .NET developers should preferably have are mentioned below: 

.NET framework: 

The deep understanding of the software framework is quite crucial for .NET developers. It is because it helps them to refer to the knowledge they have about the frameworks whenever they are developing troubleshooting solutions for problems they will encounter during the development process. 


.NET developers can use this open-source web application framework easily to design top-notch and efficient websites. Also, they can get benefit from the ASP.NET updated client-side web technologies. It also offers fast-paced connections and development between the back-end and client-side development. 

Full-stack development:

Knowledge of CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, etc is also important for a skilled .NET developer. You should look for those skills if you are trying to outsource .NET developers. If they have more knowledge about the client-side their performance will be more likely above and beyond. 


The .NET developers with the skills in databases are most preferred in the market. The knowledge of SQL databases such as Oracle, MySQL, etc is linked with .NET development. 

Backend .NET developer skills:

  • Azure
  • Frameworks (most importantly ASP.NET MVC and Entity framework)
  • MTA – Microsoft Technology Associate
  • MCSA (Web Applications, Universal Windows Platform)
  • .NET Core
  • Languages (C# plus VB.NET or F#)
  • Databases (MySQL, SQL Server, Azure SQL)

Note: Also make sure to hire the .NET developers with experience of more than 3 years. 

How to select and hire the ASP. Net developers?

Some companies struggle to find the right .NET developers that are suitable according to their projects require. This can also be explained by an existing gap between the company expectations and resources available on the market. Also, agencies should focus on hiring rising talent. These specialists are motivated and they will become the most valuable asset for a company with proper development and training. 

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